Parental Consent: 1:1 Learning Program Evaluation

Please read the parental consent letter from our program evaluation team and complete the Google form below. Parental consent is necessary in order for a child’s data to be included in our study.

Dabc-logomian Bebell, Ph.D.
Assistant Research Professor
Center for the Study of Testing, Evaluation, and Educational Policy
Boston College


Dear Dear Miscoe Hill Middle School/ Nipmuc High Parent,

As you may already know, over the past few years the MURSD has provided students access to iPads in grades 5-12.  This spring, Mendon-Upton schools have invited Boston College’s Lynch School of Education to help our community learn more about how students are using iPads in school. This six-month descriptive study will employ surveys, focus groups, and classroom observations to document the current range of teaching and learning practices and seeks to provide the community with a richer understanding of the successes, challenges, and opportunities for leveraging educational technology today and into the future at MURSD.

As important members of our community, all current MHMS and NPS students will be asked to participate in this study and provide their voice. In March, students will be asked to complete one 15-minute online survey with their class on school-related topics. In addition, your child may be selected to voluntarily participate in a 45-min student focus group during school hours. If your child is randomly selected for a focus group, a second letter will be sent home requesting your consent/permission.  No compensation will be provided to students for participating.

All MHMS and NHS students are participating in this inquiry, which is supported by the MURSD leadership. Survey results collected from all consenting students will be examined as a group and each child’s complete anonymity and confidentiality are ensured throughout the study.  Although only the Boston College researchers should have access to the study data, please note that in the unlikely event of a random audit, others might have access to the survey records including the Institutional Review Board at Boston College, government agencies and internal Boston College auditors.  The results of this study will only be presented to the Mendon-Upton school leadership.

Boston College is an independent research University with a longstanding reputation for excellent scholarship.  As required by all USA-based research institutions, this document provides you with information about this upcoming study.  In addition, your signature is required below to show your consent for allowing your child’s survey data to be used in this study. Non participation in the study is completely confidential and there are absolutely no negative consequences from non-participation.

We believe your child and our schools should benefit from participation in this project. We expect that these reflection activities will serve to improve the communities understanding of the challenges, successes and opportunities for MURSD in the future.  Legally, we must share that there could be risks associated with the study, although they are highly unlikely and completely unknown at this time.

We encourage you to ask questions now and at any time during the process. For questions about the educational technology program at MURSD, please contact David Quinn ( For questions about this Boston College collaboration, you may contact Dr. Damian Bebell ( or at 1-617-552-1976. If you have questions regarding student rights as a participant in this study, you may contact the Office of Research Protections at Boston College ( or 1-617-552-4778

Please respond below to allow the Boston College researchers to use your child’s survey results in our Spring 2017 collaborative study.