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5:45 – 6:00 PM

Welcome – Auditorium

6:00 – 6:20 PM – Session #1

Break – Visit Showcases

6:30 – 6:50 PM – Session #2

Break – Visit Showcases

7:00 – 7:20 PM – Session #3

Break – Visit Showcases

7:30 – 7:50 PM – Session #4

Wrap-up – Visit Showcases

Apple Update

Rick Hampson, Apple – Media Center

Learn about the new features in IOS9 and discover new content areas available within iTunes U. This is a great opportunity to speak with Apple representatives directly and to learn some new iPad tricks and tips.

Collaboration through Google

Connor Walz, Nipmuc Student – Media Center

Here we are discussing how students collaborate at Nipmuc using apps like Google Docs or Google Slides. There is also the ability to join in with writing a story with others at the fair.

Design for 3D Printing

Alice Gentili, Miscoe Art Teacher along with students – Room 237

Students will show attendees how they are designing models for 3D printing using their iPads. The 3D printer will be running as will a video of the adoption and implementation of 3D printing in the middle school visual art classroom.

Digital Learning to Communicate, Collaborate, and Innovate

John Clements and Mary Anne Moran, Nipmuc – Room 218 (Sessions 3 & 4)

Students will show attendees how they are designing models for 3D printing using their iPads. The 3D printer will be running as will a video of the adoption and implementation of 3D printing in the middle school visual art classroom.

Help Desk

Liz Wernig, Miscoe Technology Teacher and Jen Lee, Nipmuc Technology Teacher and students – Lobby

Need some help? Miscoe iBraves and NipmucSTAT students will be on hand to help answer questions and give tips on better wifi connections, internet safety, and other technological issues.

iFair Selfies

Stop by the “iFair Selfies” photo booth in the Lobby and have your picture taken. Props for pictures will be available, and photos will be printed on the spot, as well as posted to social media. #ifair2016


Bernie Curtis, MURSD Data Administrator – Lobby

Are you interested in learning about how to access your child’s information or communicate with your child’s teacher? Do you need assistance in accessing your iParent account? This table will have the answers you are looking for to access our iStudent and iParent portals.

iXL for Math and ELA

Liz Kadra, Miscoe Teacher – Room 213

Learn how IXL can be used to target areas of mathematics and ELA to best suit the needs of the individual learner at home and at school. Attendees will see how student progress is tracked by the teacher webpage. The iPad application will be reviewed along with login procedures.


Courtney Leja, Nipmuc Teacher – Room 219

Learn how to use a free interactive online game to help your students get additional practice in an academic area of need. Home requirements consist of two computer devices that can connect to the Internet (desktop, laptop, iPad, smart phone, etc). We will play a demonstration game in our session, and then help you create your own free account and teach you to explore the available resources.

Kids Koding

Paige Murphy, Casey Aron, and Sierra Slachta, Miscoe Students – Room 235

Let Miscoe iBraves teach you how to code with a variety of apps on the ipad! Kid friendly –ages 3 to infinity.

Learning Spanish – There’s an app for that!

Kharen Torres-Garcia, Clough Teacher – Lobby

Parents from the MURSD will have the opportunity to learn how iPads are integrated in the kindergarten Spanish immersion class to support kindergarten curriculum and language development. My students and I will showcase multilingual apps like “”Lola Panda”” and “”Leo paso a paso”” and other apps to practice kindergarten skills in Spanish.

Lego Robotics

Alicia Dumas, Miscoe Staff and Steve Taylor, Parent – Lobby

Come see robots in action! The Lego Robotics club at Miscoe uses LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 where students learn the EV3 programming language and how to create robots using Lego hardware. The intuitive programming interface, combined with the supporting material, enable students to make a quick and easy transition into robotics under the direction of their advisors, Mr. Taylor and Mrs. Dumas.

Media Center Websites & Databases

Karen Arnold, Miscoe Media Specialist and Suzanne Venkataraman, Nipmuc Media Specialist – Media Center

Nipmuc HS Media Specialist, Suzanne Venkataraman & Miscoe Media Specialist, Karen Arnold will discuss how to access their school’s Media Center Websites and access the digital databases. They will discuss multiple databases for students to use for research. Student work & lesson will be shown as examples.


Dev Gujarathi, Jaden Moffitt, and Jordan Andrade, Miscoe Students – Room 238

Always wanted a career in broadcasting? Learn how to read the news or give a weather report using video and green screen.

Reassessing Assessment: How Google Apps Can Influence Learning in an ELA Classroom

Chris Evans, Nipmuc Teacher – Room 216

Take a writing intensive program, throw out traditional grading methods, use a standards-based lens, make assessment a conversation, facilitate a process, and give students control of results. What do you get? Let me show you.

Stop Motion Animation

Liz Wernig, Miscoe Technology Teacher along Ben Gilchrist and Gunner Witham, Miscoe Students – Room 240

See how easy it is to create animations using Stop Motion.

Taft & Upton Library

Andrew Jenrich, Taft Library and Matth Bachtold, Upton Library – Media Center

Get your new library accounts and learn about the online resources available at your local library.

Technology in Music Education

Ollie MacFadden, Memorial Teacher – Room 220

There are many online resources that help children to play with music while gaining confidence and skills. Come see a variety of some such websites, apps, and software programs.

Technology Trivia

Julia Orff, Justine Nicholson, Selvana Abdelmesih, and Emmaline Kent, Miscoe Students – Room 217

Are you a technology guru? Been a fan of Apple since the IIse days? Remember when Steve Jobs and Bill Gates worked together? Show off your knowledge of technology history with the “Technology Trivia” session. Prizes awarded to the winner!

The Significance of Computer Science

Rene Venable, Nipmuc Student – Room 239

Recently, there been much excitement concerning computer science, but what is it? Come learn how coding is involved in everyday technologies and the creative and diverse applications of computer science.

Time Management and Organization through iPads

Jillian Penfield, Hannah Martel, Isabel DesRoches, Sarah Plutnicki, Ashley Clemons and Emily Sosnovsky, Nipmuc Students – Room 214

Nipmuc senior year students will discuss how the use of the iPads has improved their organizational and time management skills, and offer tips on what apps and services have been most successful.

Using Naviance for Post-Graduate Planning

Meredith Hefez and Allison Towne, Nipmuc Counselors – Room 215

Naviance is a powerful software tool that allows students to research colleges and careers, take personality inventories, and track their academic goals. We’ll demonstrate all that Naviance can do for our students.

Verso & EdPuzzle

Matt Merten, Nipmuc Teacher and Kelsey Woods, Nipmuc Student – Room 242

Verso – app designed to flip instruction by using authentic student voice as a driver for deeper, personalized learning design.  EDpuzzle empowers teachers to make any video your lesson. Crop a video, explain it with your own voice and embed quizzes at any time. Perfect tool for flipping the classroom.

Virtual High School (VHS)

Suzanne Venkataraman, Nipmuc Media Specialist – Media Center

Nipmuc students will be available to demonstrate the classes that they are enrolled in on Virtual High School (VHS). Twenty-five Nipmuc students are enrolled in elective VHS classes that are AP, Honors or CPS classes online. These classes prepare students for college and careers. Please stop by the VHS table to find out what classes are available online. Come get a peek at the VHS world!

What can Twitter do for me?

Maureen Cohen, MURSD Director of Curriculum – Room 218 (Sessions 1 & 2)

This session will provide a basic overview of Twitter and how it is used in education. It will also offer examples of how Twitter can be used to enhance your own life for accessing information and building networks.

World Language Apps and Projects

Julie Ahmed-Jussaume, Trish Moloney, Kate Reardon, and Ana Soto, Nipmuc Teachers – Room 241

Similar to last year, World Language department members (all Spanish/Italian teachers will be present) will showcase fun interactive apps and sample projects which engage students by utilizing technology.