Is WiFi required at home?

Not necessarily, but since assignments may need to be completed in the afternoon, students without WiFi at home will have to find it elsewhere such as the school, public library, or other WiFi enabled locations.

Will my student be required to use the iPad at home?

We are respectful of parental rules at home and in no way do we seek to undermine, supersede, or diminish the tools parents need to run their homes and families. We support parents seeking to limit the overall amount of screen time that their children experience and will respect those limitations. We trust that parents will learn to recognize the differences between academic and entertainment uses of the iPad and will partner with us to help their child learn the proper balance.

How can I keep the iPad from distracting my child from their work at home?

Parents should continue to use the same strategies they have been using to keep students focused on their work at home. Parents may want to consider charging the iPad in their room overnight so students would not have access to it during the late evening hours.