There are essentially three options available to participate in 1:1 Learning in the Mendon-Upton Regional School District.

Option 1 – Bring Your Own iPad

Students and families who already own an iPad are welcome to bring their iPad to school for academic purposes.  Students selecting this option are responsible for the appropriate use and protection of their iPad.  iPads brought from home should have a protective case on them and be kept under the student’s supervision at all times.  BYOD iPads are allowed to have family-approved games and social media apps installed on the iPads, but students are not allowed to use these apps at school.  If a student is not using their BYOD iPad at school appropriately, school staff will contact the family of the student to make a plan to address it.

Option 2 – School Loaner

Students and families may elect to use a school-owned iPad for academic purposes.  School owned iPads may be used throughout the school year, and should be brought to and from school on a daily basis.  The school will provide protective cases, USB cord, and charger for each device.  Only apps for academic purposes will be allowed on school owned iPads, and a student may not enter a personal Apple ID on their school owned device; the school-assigned Apple ID must stay signed in on the device.  Certain restrictions will be enforced on school-owned iPads to prevent inappropriate use of the iPad and encourage a focus on the iPad as an academic tool throughout the school year.

Option 3 – Current students who are enrolled in the “Rent-to-Own” program from previous years.

In previous years, the district has offered a “Rent-to-Own” program for families to make payments over the course of three years to pay off their iPad.  (This option is no longer available for new students to select)  Families that have elected to participate in this program should continue making payments until the iPad is paid off in full.  The first payment of the 2015-16 school year is due September 15, and families in this program should receive invoices twice per year until the device is paid in full.  Please contact Jay Byer if you have any questions about the current status of your account.

What if my student already has an iPad or I want to purchase his/her iPad myself?

Families who own an iPad 2 or more current model iPad and wish their students to use it with this program are able to at no cost. If you are purchasing the iPad yourself we ask you to consider the following:

  • An iPad 2 will be acceptable but an iPad 1 is definitely not appropriate due to the lack of camera. Our concern with parents purchasing an iPad 2 is that in our opinion it is less likely to have the 4 year lifespan–not due to hardware failure but due to potential incompatibility with future apps that will require an iPad 3 or greater. So for parents who already have an iPad 2 then there is no risk to using it until its lifespan is over. For parents buying an iPad, there is the risk that if they buy an iPad 2 it will not be usable for 4 years.
  • We recommend WiFi-only iPads rather than WiFi+3G because they’re less expensive, do not require a data plan, and they’re not necessary. There is plenty of WiFi access on campus and in the community to meet our students’ needs.
  • To protect the iPad we recommend purchasing a case that provides good drop protection to the corners and impact protection to the screen.

What happens to my student’s family owned iPad when it is enrolled in the program?

A family owned iPad is enrolled in our mobile device management and a small app and several configuration profiles are installed on it. This will not wipe it nor prevent it from syncing with its iTunes library.

Can my student use our family iPad that we share among us? What if we have two students who need iPads, can they share one?

The program is about a personal learning device and attempting to share one will lead to frustration and a diminishing of the educational and organizational value as they are not designed to be shared by multiple users. Just as students don’t share a notebook we cannot recommend that they share an iPad.

Which version of the iPad will be distributed to students electing to use school-owned iPads?  Will the iPads be brand new, or used?

The school-owned iPads available from the district are one of the following versions:

  • iPad 2
  • iPad 4
  • iPad Air

Most school-owned iPads are used from previous years, although as inventory expires or breaks, the district purchases new iPads.

If you elect to provide your own iPad, you are welcome to purchase a new or refurbished iPad.  Apple has various options for refurbished iPads available here.

Can I elect to use an iPad mini?

Yes, family-owned devices can be any version of the iPad mini.