How do I clean the iPad?

iPads should be cleaned with non-chemical, non-liquid cleaners only.  Generally, the best cleaner to use on an iPad is a soft, dry, lint-free microfiber cloth.  Do not use window cleaners or submerge the iPad in liquid to clean it.

Why kind of protection plans are available?

The availability of protection plans varies depending on the ownership of the device.

School-Owned Devices

School owned devices do not carry any kind of extended warranty on the device through the district.  Families electing to use school-owned devices should consider an extended warranty plan through one of many third-parties.  Some families have also contacted their homeowners insurance plan to see if a school-owned iPad can be added to the policy.  The MURSD has negotiated competitive pricing for an extended warranty plan through Securranty.  Please see this post for more information about these plans.

BYOD or Personally-Owned Devices

Many iPads that were either purchased directly through the district or through a previous year’s “Rent-to-Own” plan are covered by the Apple Care Plus Protection Plan. This plan covers repair or replacement coverage for two years, both parts and labor, from Apple-authorized technicians. Service coverage includes any mechanical defect, the battery, and the USB cable and power adapter. Any accidental damage such as a damaged screen is subject to a $49 deductible. More detailed information about the Apple Care Plus Protection Plan can be found by visiting the Apple website.  Families may also elect to add additional coverage through a third-party extended warranty plan or homeowners insurance.

What about lost or stolen iPads?

The district works closely with families and the authorities in the case of a lost or stolen iPad.  It is highly recommended that the student’s iPad have “Find my iPad” activated on the device.  The Find my iPad feature allows the family to use the student’s iCloud account to locate the whereabouts of the iPad. This feature is enabled and used solely at the family’s discretion and the district will not have access to the location information without the request and assistance of the student or family to locate a missing iPad.