MURSD 1:1 Learning @ #MassCUE2017

Thank you for attending our session, Evaluating Your 1:1 Learning Program: One District’s Journey. Below you will find the resources for our session including the presentation slides, the “Your Turn” program evaluation question sheets and the collaborative program evaluation question guide (Whole Group Question Pool). We have also posted links to the data collection tools utilized by the research team during the course of the evaluation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to David Quinn, Director of Technology Integration.

“Your Turn” Documents 

Team 1 Collaboration Document

Team 2 Collaboration Document

Team 3 Collaboration Document

Team 4 Collaboration Document

Team 5 Collaboration Document

Team 6 Collaboration Document

Whole Group Question Pool (Completed after the session)

Other Resources:

In the links below you will find the 1:1 Learning program evaluation report as well as some of the tools and questions used to conduct this evaluation. These tools were designed to address the MURSD questions outlined in the presentation and can serve as starting point for a program evaluation in your specific context.

2017 MURSD 1:1 Learning Program Evaluation

Student Survey Questions (CSV Format)

Teacher Survey Questions (CSV Format)

Observation Tool A

Observation Tool B


MassCUE 2017 Resources

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