MURSD 1:1 Learning Brief

Welcome Grade 5 parents (and welcome back, Grade 6 parents) to Miscoe Hill Middle School. The 1:1 Learning program is entering into its sixth full year of implementation and we’re excited to hit the ground running. While your children have been using their iPads since last spring, we recognize that this is new for many families. In order to get parents acclimated quickly, we’ve created this five-point list covering the “need to know” information about the 1:1 Learning program.

1.The MURSD 1:1  Learning program is the organizational entity for iPad management. The program title reflects our belief in the power of leveraging technology for engaging learning experiences as contrasted to focusing on the device itself. If you see an email referencing the 1:1 Learning, it is typically in reference to iPads and contains pertinent information to you and your child.

2. If you haven’t completed the the 1:1 Learning program enrollment form yet, please do so as soon as possible. We require parents of Grade 5 students and new students to complete this form. You can register by clicking here. We have issued devices for all students known to be returning for Grade 5 in anticipation of receiving completed forms.

3. If you’d like to purchase insurance for your child’s device, Securranty offers a discounted rate for families. The rate varies based on the length of the term of the insurance policy and all claims have a $50 deductible. For more information, click here. The replacement cost without insurance is $300.

4. Some parents have asked about home Internet filters. While we agree with Larry Magid that “the best internet filter is the one that runs between the child’s ears,” this PC Magazine article provides a good list of options. Please try to avoid products that require the installation of a “profile” on the iPad.

5. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email


MURSD 1:1 Learning Brief: Miscoe Hill Grade 5 & 6 Open House

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