On June 8th, Mrs. Ide’s students, in conjunction with the Nipmuc Makerspace, will be sending a weather balloon and GoPro camera into space in order to capture the images from Earth’s stratosphere and produce a film like this one. The camera will be held in a styrofoam cooler payload. In addition to the camera, the payload will be able to hold up to four (4) PongSats, or ping pong ball satellite experiments. According to JPAreospace, PongSats can be exposed to extreme temperatures (-130 degrees celsius), cosmic rays and near vacuum conditions, .

Mrs. Ide’s AP Physics students were challenged to design the most interesting experiment that will fit within the container of a ping pong ball. Teams of 2-3 students researched, designed and created a proposal for implementing a PongSat experiment.  Since space is limited we need help deciding which PongSat deserves the limited “space” we have on this trip.

Please watch the videos below and vote for the most interesting, innovative and elegant proposal. You can submit your selection using Google Form at the bottom of the page.


“Bouncy Ball” PongSat Proposal

“Space Popcorn” PongSat Proposal

“Heat Sensitive Paper” PongSat Proposal

“Oobleck” PongSat Proposal

“Camera Film” PongSat Proposal

“Desiccant Pack” PongSat Proposal


Nipmuc Makerspace PongSat Project: The People’s Choice Award

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