Vektor-Smart-Objekt2211WriteRight is a cool app that gives you a lot of tools right at your fingertips. The app is minimalist, with the default text font being similar to Courier or another monospace font. You also have a clean white background with light standard folder, sharing, create new, and preview buttons at the top and a light, well blended tool bar at the bottom. WriteRight lends itself to being distraction free, and a nice tool to use when you just want to focus on writing.

To go through the tools at the bottom, the first on the left is a magnifying glass. Tapping that gives you search tools with “replace” and “replace all” options. You also have some additional search options if you tap on the wrench.Next from the left is the “@”. Tapping that gives you, well, an “@”.

The next several tools act similarly. – : ; «» “” () ‘ The nice thing about those tools in particular is that the program knows when you are starting or ending a quotation or parentheses.

The following four tools give you some style options. The “#” allows you to select a header style. The “*” allows you to select Bold, Italicize, Underline, Numbered, and Bulleted lists. The “>” allows you to enter block quotes or a horizontal line. The next to last button from the right, which looks like linked chains, allows you to enter in a URL or an IMG (image). When you tap URL you get: [](http://www.) When you tap IMG you get: ![]()

When you select a word, you get a menu of options, including the ability to search for definitions, synonyms, or antonyms.

One thing that took me a little figuring out time was the gear in the lower right corner of the screen. When you tap the gear, it checks the sentence that you are writing for alternatives to what you wrote. Sometimes, it doesn’t give you suggestions. Sometimes it gives you a lot.

Another item worthy to mention is the ability to do the whole of these ripsnorters in Spanish (you see I made use of that gear thingie in this sentence), including searching for definitions, antonyms, and synonyms. Users wanting to take advantage of this need to enable the Spanish keyboard in Settings, and then switch to the Spanish keyboard (with the onscreen keyboard).

The app uses iCloud to save data, and can also integrate with a Dropbox account. You can preview what you have written in a more refined format, by pressing the “Preview” button in the upper right hand corner. By tapping the page to the left of that, you have some options as to the page size you preview your writing with. Also, notice the word and character count at the top of the screen under the title.

Overall, for an app that is focused primarily on writing, there are a number of useful tools included in the app. The app is a paid app, but I was able to acquire enough licenses for the district on a day that the app was offered for free.  MURSD students and staff can download it through the Catalog.

If you find WriteRight useful in your class, please leave a comment below.

WriteRight for Writing
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