Often dubbed “Google-gate” or “The Classroom Incident of 2015”, the start of the school year in using Google Classroom was one of the most frustrating ways to start a school year in the history of school had some issues.  Mr. Merten, an avid Googler and Google Classroom proponent, was quick to notice that there seemed to be a bug when it came to posting assignments in Classroom and having students be able to open them in other apps on their iPad.

On September 10, Mr. Merten posted:


What followed was a torrent of 3 different strings of posts, 180 follow up posts, and over 2000 views.  All of which were teachers experiencing the same issue.  On September 12, Google was good enough to let everyone know of a “workaround”:


Unfortunately, this workaround was unreliable, at best, and flat out didn’t work for most users.  Onward went the comments, questions as to when Google will put out a fix, devastated users lamenting the time they put into developing the Google Classroom course, and looking for other options.  You can view them all here.

Finally, by October 1, Google HAD fixed the problem, and there was much rejoicing:


Thanks to Mr. Merten and many other educators who persistently pushed Google to quickly develop a solution, Google ultimately did resolve the issue.

Teacher Reflection: Matt Merten
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