A colleague recently asked how to embed a PowerPoint into Weebly.  One way to do this is to upload it into Google Drive, convert it to a Google Slides document, grab the embed code and then paste into your Weebly site.  Here’s what to do:

Step 1 – Upload to Google Drive

Upload your PowerPoint into Google Drive.  Select the option to automatically convert the file to Google Slides when you are prompted.

Step 2 – Edit the Google Slides document

Once uploaded, you should go through each slide and check for any formatting issues.  Correct them to your liking, and then proceed.

Step 3 – Publish to web

Publish the document to the web by clicking on “File” and then “Publish to web”.  Follow the prompts from there


Step 4 – Grab the embed code

Under the embed tab, you can change things like the size of the presentation, as well as how many seconds between each slide advance.  Once you’ve made your selections, highlight and copy the embed code below.


Step 5 – Paste the code to Weebly

On the page you would like the presentation displayed, select the embed tool on the left.  Then, copy the code into the frame.



Embed a Google Slide into Weebly
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