Expressing mathematical equations and graphs on a computer has, in the past, been an arduous and highly “techie” task.  You needed to use excel formulas, run scripts, install new font libraries, and other messy tasks.  With the increased use of computers and tablets in the classroom, developers realize the need for teachers to have access to easy to use tools in order to insert equations and graphs into documents for use with students.

Google Docs is no different, and also has some great tools available to make your lives as math teachers easier.  Please see the “Drive Bunny” post (linked below) for a review of a terrific add-on called g(Math) and start doing some serious math with your students.  Like many Google Add-Ons, there is some quirkiness in using it on iPads, but teachers should find no difficulty in getting started with using it on their computer.


Drive Bunny post on g(Math) Add-On for Google Docs


Math in Google Docs
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