Guest post by Memorial Tech Teacher Kati Dunton

Some of you have asked me how to create an e-mail distribution list.  This will make it easier to e-mail a group of people (parents) consistently without having to type their e-mail address each time.  It’s a time saver & allows you to contact all parents quickly if you need to.  I am including two sets of directions since it is different if you log in through the web than if you access e-mail through the Outlook application on your desktop.

As always, if you need help please let me know!


To create a New Contact Group when logging in through the web, follow these directions

  1. Click on the blue square with 9 small white squares on it in the top left part of the screen
  2. Choose “People” from the options.
  3. Click on “+ new”
  4. Choose “great group”
  5. Make a name for your group
  6. Add members email addresses (You may have to add your parents as contacts first)
  7. Save

To create a  New Contact Group when accessing e-mail through the Outlook application, follow these directions

  1. After opening Outlook, click on contacts (bottom left)
  2. Click on “New Contact Group”
  3. Name your group (you might want to add the school year to avoid confusion).  Then Click “Add Members”.
  4. Choose New E-Mail contact and a pop-up window will appear.  Put the parents name and e-mail in the appropriate boxes.  Click OK.
  5. Continue “Adding Members” until you have included everyone you want to.
  6. Click Save and Close
Contact Groups in Outlook
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