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Here are a few staff updates regarding 1:1 Learning in Mendon-Upton:

My Schedule

My schedule is generally:

  • Nipmuc – Monday & Wednesday
  • Miscoe – Tuesday & Thursday
  • Friday is my “float” day, when I can be available at any school

Google Classroom

There continue to be issues with Google Classroom and using it on the iPad.  The issues are sporadic and affect users randomly.  There are some workarounds, but they do not work for everyone.  Google is aware of the issue, and there are multiple posts on user groups for Google with similar frustrations worldwide.  I posted a blog entry about this last week with some other options available.


Teachers reported some issues with new students not appearing in the list of students to add to individual class rosters.  According to Pearson support, this issue is resolved.  Please try and add new students to your classes again following these instructions and let me know.


In order to access paid apps at no cost, students must have their devices enrolled in AirWatch.  All school owned devices are already enrolled, so they do not need to go through the process.  It would be advantageous to take some time during class to encourage the students to enroll their devices.  At Nipmuc, the Nipmuc STAT students along with Jennifer Lee are able to help with this process.  Please call on them to help you with the process at Nipmuc.

At Miscoe, the iBraves students are available to help during Project Blocks, along with me, so please let me know if/when you would like us to come through and help get those devices enrolled.  Instructions to enroll a personal device in AirWatch is available here.

Professional Development

I am in the process of developing some PD offerings for October and November.  I will be doing a series on Formative Assessments and continuing work with Google Apps.  If you have specific technology professional development that you would like me to offer workshops on, please do not hesitate to let me know.  More information about specific dates and descriptions will be posted later this week.

1:1 Learning Staff Update

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