School owned devices have access to a curated selection of apps and books that have been selected by and requested from teachers.  Students using school owned devices have the ability to delete and install apps that are available through the AirWatch Catalog that is installed on their devices.  Here are steps that students need to take in order to access this content.

Do not use the App Store or the iBooks Store

Students using school owned devices do not have access to the school-maintained Apple ID that is assigned to the device they are using.  The password for these accounts are not shared with students, teachers, or families, and students do not have the ability to download any app or book directly from the App Store or iBooks Store (even if they are free).

Use the App Catalog and the iBooks Catalog

If a student is looking to download an app or a book, they must look for the app in the App Catalog or the book in the iBooks Catalog.  From both of these places, the process is quite simple; a student locates the app or book in the Catalog, taps install, and the content will load on the device.  No password is necessary.

If the book or app is not in the Catalog

If a teacher has requested that the student download a particular app or book onto their iPad, and the app or book is not in the Catalog, the teacher must request that the app or book be loaded into the catalog.  For this, they should contact Mr. Amitrano.

Password Prompts

Occasionally, a student may be prompted to enter the password for the Apple ID or the iCloud account that is signed into their school owned device.  If this happens, the student is asked to tap “Cancel” (if possible) and seek help from tech staff at the Help Desks at Miscoe or Nipmuc.

Accessing Content on School Owned Devices
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