Here is some general information about accessing the Pearson etextbooks, creating classes, assigning students, and steps to get help.

Student Login Information

All student usernames are their entire email address and their default password.  Please instruct your students to log into Pearson with their whole email address and “MursdXXXX” password.  New students should now have accounts and passwords.

Staff Login Information

Your username should be your MURSD email address.  The password is the same as last year.  If you do not remember your password, please email me and I will reset it.

Accessing Your Text

Most textbooks are accessed using the Pearson eText for Schools app.  Pearson Realize texts also work nicely in Safari on the iPad, without the need for an app.  Older texts may require the use of the Puffin Academy app, which allows users to view some flash content on the iPad.  Use of Puffin Academy, although possible, is not generally recommended as the experience on the iPad is buggy.

Adding Classes and Giving Your Students Access

Step 1 – Ensure YOU have access

Log in to your account at the appropriate Pearson site for your text.  Please remember there are multiple Pearson sites for the various textbooks and grade levels in the district, so check this document to ensure you are logging in the correct place.

When you have logged in, select the correct text for the subject/grade level you teach.  For more information about selecting texts:

Step 2 – Create your class and add students

Now that you have added the correct product(s) to your account, you can create classes and add students.  Follow the instructions linked below to create classes and add students. (NOTE: In all cases, you should NEVER need to create an account for a student; accounts should already be created for currently enrolled students.  If a student’s account does not appear, please email me and let me know.)

Step 3 – Check your work

After adding students to your class, it is generally a good idea to check a student’s account to make sure they can access the material.  Log out of your account, and pick a student that you have added and log in with their information (student email address / MursdXXXX password).  If you can see the product you are expecting, then you are all set.  If not, see troubleshooting, below.


There are a plethora of resources to help you manage your classes within the Pearson platforms we use as a district.  Visit the Pearson “How-To” Collection for helpful articles and videos.

If you have gone through the steps above, and your students cannot access the textbooks as you were expecting, please email me.  You can also try two other options:

Use the “Portal”

The portal was the default method for enabling students access to etextbooks.  Over the past two years, this has changed, and allowing students access to the texts within each platform also gives them access to the etextbooks.  Although this works MOST of the time, there are occasions when it doesn’t.  Follow the steps below to test out whether allowing students to access your text via the portal solves your issue:

  1. Visit this site:
  2. Log in with your account information (if you do not know this, email me and I will reset your password)
  3. Once you log in, if this is your first time, you may be prompted with a huge list of available textbooks.  Select the textbook(s) you’ll be using, and then click “Subscribe” at the bottom of the page.  (if you are not sure of the correct book selection, please email me).
  4. If you have logged in before, you will see your “homepage” and a link for “Manage my products” at the top.  Click “Manage my Products” and you will see the huge list there.  Click what you need and then click “Subscribe” at the bottom.
  5. Once you have selected your products, you can go to your homepage and create classes.  Classes are created according to the book that is assigned to the course they are taking.  Click “Create Class” next to the book that you will use for a particular section you teach.  You then add your students from there.

When adding students to a class…

  • Type their FIRST NAME first and select their account.  The information should populate automatically.
  • Once added into the “class” for a particular book, the students should be able to view the etext(s) assigned to them in the Pearson eText for Schools app on their iPad, or through Realize, PSN, or whatever other platform Pearson has you using at this point.  🙂

Use Puffin Academy

Puffin Academy simulates flash on the iPad and allows users to access textbooks that were originally designed to make use of Adobe’s Flash plugin on a computer.  Although possible, this method is not recommended as the user experience is often buggy.

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