Question:  My daughter is entering 5th grade and this time we will “borrow” an iPad. I did not see anywhere whether each student receives a NEW ipad or a USED ipad. I feel this is important information to have at hand especially when considering the Securranty insurance. Older devices break more frequently -they’ve been previously used by young kids and will have a certain amount of “wear and tear”….. I feel like I almost HAVE to purchase the insurance to protect myself against what MIGHT have happened to a used iPad before it was issued to my student. Does the school cover any of the insurance burden on used devices or is it all on the parents?

Answer:  5th graders will be receiving new iPads.  Students in 6-12 will generally receive the exact same iPad they were using the previous year (if they have stayed in district).  New students in grades 6-12 will receive an iPad on-hand, which may or may not be a new device.  The school does not generally cover any of the insurance burden on the devices.

Question: Let me start by saying I am a huge proponent of technology.  I love the individualism it allows our students.  I have been hearing quite a bit about the connection of hand writing and note taking.  It seems most of the research like the below says writing by hand is better for retention.  Do we encourage the faculty to have students take notes by hand?  My son is at Miscoe going into 6th. Last year he was on the Mactano team and they did but I have heard others are all technology.

Answer: The position of the MURSD with regard to iPads has always been, and will continue to be, a “common sense” approach.  The iPads are not used 100% of the time, and when it is more appropriate to take notes using good old pen and paper, students are encouraged to do so.  Teachers at Miscoe and Nipmuc do not “prohibit” students from using pen and paper for notetaking.  If pen and paper work better for them, all the better.

Question: If I chose the 3 year warranty plan for the school loaner ipad, is any type of refund offered, should the school decide to discontinue the ipad program?

Answer:  Please contact the company that you are working with for the extended warranty directly for information on this.  At this point in time, the district plans to continue with 1:1 Learning using iPads for the foreseeable future.

Question: My 8th grade daughter has a rent-to-own iPad. I did not understand the warranty question. As I read it, her iPad is covered for everything but theft. I was not sure which option to choose for your required question.

Answer:  Students in grades 6-12 that have opted to purchase or rent-to-own their iPad do have AppleCare on their devices.  AppleCare is valid for 2 years, so depending on when the device was issued, it still may apply to your child’s device.  Extended Warranties are great for those devices which AppleCare has expired, or in the case of theft.  If you are satisfied with AppleCare and it still applies to your device, you can select “I received information and will not participate” (meaning you saw the info about extended warranty, and don’t need it because you have AppleCare).

Question: With regard to the apple care for devices purchased through the school, how long is that for?

Answer:  2 years from the date of iPad purchase.

Question: My daughter is bringing her own I-Pad. When will NIPMUC set up her I-Pad? Is there a time prior to the start of school or does she just bring it the first day?

Answer:  Student owned devices will be enrolled in “AirWatch” giving students access to paid apps and other resources within the first few weeks of school.  The process is simple and will be communicated to students via email and on the 1:1 Learning website.

Questions & Answers – 8/28/15

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