Accountability doesn’t have to be something done to students and teachers—and authentic systems of assessments really can tie accountability to student-centered teaching and learning while ensuring essential guardrails for equity.

To find out more, join Susan Patrick, president and CEO of iNACOL, as she sits down with other policy thought leaders from iNACOL and KnowledgeWorks and a group of practitioners for a conversation about rethinking accountability for the future.

The one-hour panel discussion, Accountability and Assessments to Support Student-Centered Teaching and Learning, will be held on August 27 at 4:00 p.m. EDT, and will feature lively conversation about the following topics:

  • What kinds of assessment systems best support student-centered learning?
  • How can authentic assessments fit into an accountability framework?
  • What are essential design elements to ensure equity in different forms of accountability?
  • What are the top five questions your school or district should ask itself about accountability?

Panelists will include Maria Worthen, vice president for federal and state policy at iNACOL; Virgel Hammonds, chief learning officer at KnowledgeWorks; and Lillian Pace, senior director of national policy at KnowledgeWorks, in addition to a group of practitioners from Pearson’s Teachability community.

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