School-owned iPads will be set up with a number of configurations and restrictions to promote appropriate use and avoid exposure to inappropriate content available on the web.  All devices on the MURSD network are subject to the network filter which also filters for inappropriate content.

For families electing to have their child use a family owned device at school, you may consider enabling a few of the parental restrictions on the device.  Parental restrictions are available in the “Settings” app under the “General” tab on the left.  To enable Restrictions, do the following:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap on “General” in the left menu.
  3. On the right side of the screen, swipe down to “Restrictions” and tap on it. IMG_1791
  4. Tap on “Enable Restrictions” at the top.  You will be prompted to enter a passcode.  This passcode should be different from the code used to access the device from the lock screen, and something that ONLY the parent knows.  Sharing the passcode with your child will compromise any restrictions you put in place at this point. IMG_1792
  5. Once the passcode has been set, you have the option to select and deselect various settings.

The following restrictions are recommended:

  • It is NOT recommended to restrict access to any of the apps indicated on the right side of the screen.IMG_1793
  • Under the Allowed Content section
    • Music, Podcast, & iTunes U – deselect Explicit (displays as “Clean” when selected)
    • Movies – set to “G”
    • TV Shows – set to “TV-Y”
    • Books – deselect “Explicit Sexual Content”
    • Apps – set to 9+ or 12+ depending on the age of your child
    • Siri – deselect “Explicit Language”
    • Websites – select “Limit Adult Content”  NOTE:  Once you select this option, you get two more options below.  If, when your child is using the device and they are trying to access a website but receive a message that the website is restricted, you may want to set that website to “Always Allow”.  Some examples of sites that should always be allowed are:
  • Under the Privacy section, you can restrict those settings that you feel are most appropriate.  Please understand that some of these restrictions may interfere with some functions of various apps.  If your child has negative experiences with apps and they appear to be using it appropriately, you may try un-restricting some of these options and having them try again to see if their experience improves.
  • Under the “Allow Changes” section
    • Accounts – If you do not want your child adding or changing email, iCloud, or other account information, select “Don’t Allow Changes”.  This will prevent them from being able to add, delete, or edit any email accounts, Apple ID’s, facebook, twitter, and other core accounts on the iPad.  This is a good way to prevent unauthorized app installation or messaging, among other things.
Recommended Restrictions for BYOD Devices

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