Question:  I understand extra apps are not allowed on school owned iPads. Are other apps and games allowed on personal iPads, as long as the student does not use them during school time? We were planning to have Daniel use our iPad, but we don’t want to remove the games on it.

Answer: Please see this page for information about what is allowed on personal iPads (also known as BYOD iPads).  The short answer is, yes, your child’s BYOD iPad can have games and other apps installed on the iPad, as long as it is not a distraction to them during school.

Question:  How do I go about purchasing the extended warranty plan available through the school?

Answer:  There are multiple extended warranty plans available through various third-parties, but the school does not directly sell an extended warranty plan.  We have negotiated a competitive rate available from one third-party company, named Securranty which you are welcome to participate in.  The information for signing up for a plan through Securranty is available here.  You can also call them directly for personal assistance at 877-592-7726.

Question:  If my daughter uses a school iPad, is it a full size screen? Or do you have some minis included in distribution? I bought her her own iPad, but am very confused on what the advantages are of bringing her own iPad.

Answer:  To answer the first part of your question, all iPads distributed through the school are full-sized iPads (mostly iPad 4’s and iPad Airs, with a few iPad 2’s still in circulation).  iPad Mini’s are allowed to be used as  BYOD device, but the school does not own any iPad minis for distribution.  As for the second part of your question, the advantages for a student using a BYOD device is that you are able to provide a more updated version of the iPad for your student (the current version is an iPad Air 2) and you are able to allow your student to install games, social media apps, music, and other media on the iPad.

Question:  Would you mind sharing the settings that the school will require so that I may set it up properly for her with all the apps needed for her when she starts school?  

Answer:  Please see this blog post about recommended restrictions for BYOD devices.  As for particular apps needed for when she starts school, it varies from teacher to teacher and on what electives she will be taking.  It is recommended that you wait for app installation until school starts up and get specific instructions from your child’s teacher.

Question:   Should I get my child a case with the keyboard?  

Answer:  A keyboard case is not necessary, but some students do benefit from it.  When purchasing a keyboard case to use for your child’s iPad, please keep in mind that it should still adequately protect the iPad from any potential damage.

Question:   I plan to link my child’s Apple ID to my iTunes account.  Will she need a certain ID format for school?

Answer:  Not particularly; many children already have an Apple ID from using an iPod Touch or other iOS device, so if it is already set up, there is no need to set up an additional one.  If your child does not yet have an Apple ID associated with a Family account, you can set one up using whatever email address and format works for you and your child.


Questions & Answers – 7/31/15

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