It is always a good idea to regularly make sure that you back up the data on your iPad to “the Cloud”.  For a number of reasons (updates gone wrong, forgotten passcodes, other unexplained phenomena), you may find that you have lost access to the data on your iPad.  Luckily, there are some measures built in to the iPad that allow for backups to the cloud, and also some third-party backups.

  1. Photos & Videos – Photos and Videos are stored to your “Camera Roll” on your iPad.  With the latest update to iOS 8, a new beta called “iCloud Photo Library” makes backing up your pictures and videos a snap.  See this post for how to make sure your photos and videos are backed up.
  2. Auto-Backup Notability Notes – See this video for instructions to automatically backup your notes to Google Drive.
  3. General Backup Help – See this video for instructions for various settings to check to make sure your work is being backed up.
Have other tips?  Want help backing up other apps?  Let us know and we can make some more tutorials.


Backing up Data on your iPad
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