The tech department finished deploying iPads to the high school students last week.  This week, they are beginning to distribute iPads to Miscoe students that have switched plans as a result of the policy change. The tech staff will be working with the students who are affected by the change for a short period of time each day to configure their device.  The tech department started working on this today, and will get through as many as they can before Thanksgiving.  Each student will need to know their Apple ID to swap the device.  If you do not want your child to have access to the Apple ID information, please provide it to Mr. Amitrano ( who will then forward it directly to the tech department.  
At the same time, the tech department will be working on preparing the 5th grade iPads for distribution.  iPads for the 5th graders should be ready for distribution during the first week of December.  This is a delay in our initial timeline due to the change in policy so late in the summer and a number of other logistical issues that have come up in setting up and deploying the iPads.
The Department of Technology appreciates your patience throughout this process.  Please contact Mr. Amitrano ( with any questions regarding this.


iPad Update 11-17-14

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