Hello everyone,

I understand that there has been a rash of Apple TV issues, where students are accessing the screen without permission.

Back in early September I shared a Google Presentation called Apple TV: Getting Started.You will note that slides 7-11 take you through the settings to set up a passcode that you can use to prevent this.

As a first choice, I recommend an “on screen” code that you and your students can use, but you can also set up a password that only you know. This is very inconvenient, so this should be a second choice.

I will be happy to make a “house call” to help with this, just let me know….text, phone, email. My cell phone is below, in my signature, feel free to use to get immediate help when I am in the building. Many of you have invited me in to demonstrate already, so don’t hesitate to ask.  I also requested time at the next faculty meeting to do a quick demo, but let me know if you need help sooner.


Source: MURSD Tech Weebly

Apple TV training and security

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