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Dear Parent/Guardian:

As part of the evolution of the 1:1 Learning Initiative, the Mendon-Upton Regional School District is amending our existing iPad policy from offering a “school use only” option to now a “school loaner” option. This evolution is a result of the learnings we have gathered throughout our first full year of implementation, consultation with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE), and a recent complaint that was filed against the district to the DESE. This will enable us to not only meet the letter and spirit of the law but will, more importantly, allow us to further meet the needs of our students and families. Thus, effectively immediately, any school-issued iPad will be permitted to be brought home for 24/7 access during the course of the school year only.

Similar to existing policy, any school-issued loaner iPad is strictly the property of the Regional School District. Loaner iPads will contain all e-textbooks and school-related educational and productivity apps that are necessary in the course of your child’s classes. However, they will be configured so students will not have the ability to download personal apps or add personal data (such as music or videos) onto the device. As they do now, any school-issued iPad will also include a highly durable case. The district will be responsible for general maintenance of the iPad. Although loaner iPads may be taken home each day, it must be clearly understood that the student and family are responsible for any potential loss, destruction, or defacement or misuse of the device, much as they would be for a textbook.

The district is cognizant that this is a substantive change in policy, and accordingly the school loaner option must be offered to all families. Thus, we are offering all families the opportunity to change their student’s iPad option moving forward. If you are presently bringing your own device or have purchased/leased through the district, please click here to complete a simple survey/form so we may know if you wish to adjust your option. If you have more than one child at the middle and/or high schools, you must complete this survey for each child. If your child is presently using a school-issued iPad, you do not need to do anything at this time. If we do not get a response for your child by Friday, September 19, the district will assume that you are maintaining your current iPad option.

For those parents who have leased or purchased an iPad through the district and now wish to switch to the school loaner option, the district will reimburse any payments that have been made to date. This may be done for these transactions as the district is still the fiscal agent, dealing directly with Apple. If you exercise this option, then your student’s iPad will become the property of the school district and any personal, non-school related data will be removed from the device.

If you have any specific questions about your own child’s option, please email your inquiry to . Also, here is a link to Frequently Asked Questions about the revised policy.

If this change in policy has caused any inconvenience, I am genuinely sorry. It was noted at last evening’s Regional School Committee meeting that our district is ahead of the curve with regard to this emergent technology, and as the initiative expands and evolves, policy must evolve in a commensurate fashion. The district has already made a significant investment to 1:1 learning in terms of technology, infrastructure, staffing, and training. We are deeply committed to this initiative as it enhances teaching and learning and gives our students the 21st century skills they require for college and beyond. We are equally committed to continuing to work with all of our families in good faith to ensure that there are flexible options for every situation.

My best wishes to you and your family for a successful 2014-15 school year.


Dr. Joseph P. Maruszczak
Superintendent of Schools


Change in District iPad Policy (Effective 8-25-14)

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