I have received a number of questions about the possibility of paying the balance of an iPad received through Option 1 of our iPad Initiative; the “Rent-to-Own” option.  Yes, this is a possibility.  The total payments over the course of the three years for the iPad through Option 1 is $618.  This total cost represents an approximately 18% savings off the regular retail price of the products purchased separately from a retailer.  The breakdown is:

  • iPad (4th Generation) 16 GB – $499
  • AppleCare Plus – $99
  • Ballistic Tough Jacket Case – $69
  • Apps & Management – $40
  • Tax – $45

TOTAL Retail Cost (including tax): $752 (the $618 total payment is approximately 18% off the normal retail price)

If you would like to pay the total balance of the iPad at the start, the following information applies:
  1. AppleCare Plus is valid for 2 years from the purchase date of the iPad (regardless of the iPad being paid in full or over the course of three years).
  2. Students are able to install whichever apps he/she and you as the parent decide are okay.  Essentially a fully paid off iPad will be treated as an “Option 2 – Bring your own iPad”.
  3. There will be no additional fees charged by the district for the iPad once purchased outright from the district (except in the case of screen damage, loss, or theft).

Source: MURSDipad.info

Paying Off your Option 1 iPad Early

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