NOTE:  Below is an updated repost of a previously posted blog article.  The links have been updated, and some additional information has been provided.

Although “Option 1” of the 2013 MURSD iPad Initiative at Miscoe Hill is a great, affordable option for many families, some of you may be interested in purchasing your iPad outright and taking advantage of “Option 2” (see all the options by clicking here).  Retail prices for a current generation iPad starts at $499, not including AppleCare and a case.  Fortunately, Apple offers a variety of options of lower priced iPads that are “Factory Refurbished”.

Refurbished iPads are of extremely high quality, and are as good as new iPads.  These are iPads that were returned to Apple for whatever reason (technical malfunction, screen damage, or other), stripped of the exterior portions of the device, and given an entirely new shell and screen.  There is no visible physical wear and tear on the device, and, like I said, they are good as new.  I have bought a few refurbished products from Apple (a laptop for Mrs. Amitrano and an iPad for my brother-in-law and Papa) and have been extremely satisfied with the products.

The refurbished products are sold at the online Apple store by following this link.  Generally available products include:

  • iPad mini (16 GB) – $249 (sold new at $299)
  • iPad (3rd generation) – $379 (not currently available – 12/15/13)
  • iPad (4th generation) – $479
All of the above devices, including the iPad 2 (available new at $399) and new devices such as the iPad mini with Retina and the iPad Air, are acceptable devices to use as part of the 1:1 program at Miscoe Hill.


iPad Purchase Options

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