Smartboards can be a very useful piece of technology in the classroom when they are working!

Here are some simple tasks that you can perform to troubleshoot some common Smartboard problems:
  1. More Precise Orientation
  2. Make sure nothing is put on the reflective tray and keep free of dust
  3. for installing Smart Notebook at home click here
  4. Using Ipads with smartboards click here
  5. watch youtube video on how to orient my smartboard

To orient the smartboard click on the button with the diamond shape and the cross hatches in the middle.  you will then see the cross hatches appear on your smartboard.  Click each cross hatch until there are no more.  Once completed your smartboard will be oriented. For more precise orientation (if you only see 4 cross hatches on your smartboard) please see above instructions to change to fine point orientation,.

If you find your tray buttons are not working, first shut off your projector.  Once the projector is completely off, unplug both cables from the wall (or powerstrip) and then after waiting 10 seconds, plug the cables back in.  This will refresh the tray and the buttons will work again.

Source: MURSD Tech Weebly

SmartBoard Tips

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