Some of our students are participing in the 1:1 initiative on an “in-school only” basis.  There are pros and cons to participating in the program in this way, but it is doable.  The teachers give students multiple options as to how they could complete an assignment.  Under most circumstances, the iPad is not the only tool that can be used to complete work at home.  Other options include a family desktop computer, pc or Mac laptop, Linux machine, chromebook, kindle fire, nook color, other android tablet, Microsoft surface, and many other available devices (including good old fashioned pen, paper, markers, and poster board.)
Here are some suggestions as to how a student might complete work off the iPad for various possible scenarios.  Many of these options sync to “the cloud” allowing the student to access tr material on either the iPad or any other device that connects to the Internet.
Word Processing (typing a paper, report, open response, etc.)
  • Microsoft Word (program available on PC or Mac, expensive)
  • OpenOffice (program available on PC, Mac or Linux, open source and FREE)
  • Google Drive (web service available online through multiple devices)
Presentations (presenting information often using slides, bulleted and numbered lists, brief summaries, pictures, audio, or video)
Agenda (keeping track of assignments and projects due, upcoming quizzes and tests, other reminders for school)


In School Use Only Advice

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